Verizon 4G Conundrum: High Speed Great for Watching Movies, High Price Bad for Watching Movies

Verizon 4G Coverage Map for DCVerizon launched their 4G service in the DC area this weekend.  For now, the only 4G devices the company is selling are USB modems for the Windows operating system — one from LG and one from Pantech.

Verizon’s 4G coverage map for the DC area claims fairly complete coverage inside the Beltway and along the 270, 50, and 66 corridors (4G shown in dark red).

The data plan pricing is steep.  As the Verzion web site says, “Download movies in minutes.”  But if you download more than about 4 movies in a month on their 5GB/month plan, you’ll be hit with hefty overage charges, to the tune of about $10 to $15 per movie.  Yikes!

The 5GB/month plan runs $50 per month and the 10GB/month plan is priced at $80.  The 4G pricing matches their recent 3G pricing.  There are no unlimited rate plans.

[From VerizonWireless]

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