UMD Solar Project

Standard Solar of Rockville will be installing 2700 solar panels on top of the old Washington Post printing plant in College Park.  The University of Maryland recently bought the empty building, and renamed it the Severn Building.  The Office of Technical Liaison is currently housed there.

The panels will cover 6.4 acres, can crank out up to 631 kilowatts, and are expected to generate 792 megawatt-hours over the course of a year.

Never heard of the Severn Building?  It was constructed in 1958 and is tucked out-of-the-way just south of Greenbelt Road and west of the CSX tracks.  It is not part of the main campus.

University of Maryland Severn Building

The solar project is being funded by a $630,000 capital grant from the Maryland Energy Administration Project Sunburst Initiative and by Washington Gas Energy Services, which will run the panels and sell electricity to the University over a 20-year period.  The agreed kwH purchase price was not disclosed.

[From the DiamondbackOnline, picture from Bing Maps bird's eye view]

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